Charles the good is considered to be the founder of Carlsport, despite the fact that it had factually been in existence 200 years before he was born. His name is considered by many to be ironic, though it was not meant to be, as Charles the Good was in fact Lawful Evil. He always, as the story goes, wanted to be good, not because he wanted to be a good person but because he wanted the trust and goodwill that was given to good people. The title of "the Good" however was not given ironically or mockingly, but as a form of recognition for a man driven to behave as a good person by his baser instincts. He treated people with kindness and justice because he believed in the practicality of doing so, and because he wanted to do more than rule a city and determined that the best way he could accomplish that goal at that point in history was to rule a great city, and thereby went about making it great. He established funds for temples to feed the hungry so the city would have a ready labor force for his projects, and while he began life as a soldier adapted roles in later life as both a priest to a lawful evil deity (accounts vary as to which one) and warlock in alliance with a lawful good deity.
Speculation as to where his afterlife wound up is subject to much speculation, as some believe that having lived a good life he would have found his way to a benevolent afterlife, while others believe he would not be happy in a realm set aside for good people, and that he instead found a niche with devils or other lawful evil forces where he attained great rank in a world where his alignment did not work against him. There have been rumors of deals being offered by an entity which may in fact be Charles the Good, binding warlocks to contracts though it is unclear if these are supported by Charles himself or if he serves as broker for a more powerful entity, or if it is simply his name which is being used. There are also reports of a priesthood dedicated to his legacy being found scattered around the city, with believers otherwise worshiping at either the Carolinian or Tessian pantheons, or incorporating elements of each into their religious diet.

Those who sign a warlock pact with Charles have the pact of the Ascendant. His clerics manifest the Community Domain.